Dear All; dear Friends and Owners of Delphia yachts,

On this the 12th July 2018, a preliminary agreement has been signed on the establishment of a joint venture between our Company and Ostróda Yacht of the Beneteau Group. This marks the opening of a new chapter in the almost three-decade history of Delphia.

The key aim for the establishment of a capital relationship between the companies is to ensure a further dynamic growth in accordance with the strategic plans of both Beneteau Group and Dephia Yachts Kot sp.j.

As future co-owners of a newly established company we look to our joint future with happiness and optimism.

We trust it will ensure a continued stable growth of both the Delphia Yachts boatyard and its sales partners, increasing further the stability of employment and allowing even greater opportunities for development to its current and future employees. At the same time, Yachtsmen from all over the world will continue to receive fabulous new vessels bearing the Delphia brand.


Owners of Delphia Yachts Kot sp.j.